Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Feature in v1.68: Ability to disallow web editing for certain pages.

We have certain pages for customers that go outside the norm in the type of HTML. For example, one customer wanted a sub-tab interface on the home page. The problem is that when the users edit from the web, some of the classes or id's can get lost in the edit. This causes the tabbed interface to stop working correctly.

Example of more complex HTML page


To alleviate the problem for those pages that really are easier to edit carefully from the Notes client, we added a feature to disallow web editing capability for specific pages.

Disallow web editing checkbox

On the web where a person who is logged in and capable of editing a page, they would normally see this:

What you see when you can edit a page

Instead, they see this when the page is disabled from web editing.

What you see when you are disallowed from web editing
struturo box

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