Friday, February 1, 2008

New feature: Override Section

The whole purpose of sections in Struturo is to simplify management of navigation elements. So if you want to change a navigator element for an entire section, all you do is modify one section definition document. Every page in that section would then have the change.

So recently, a customer wanted an individual image to display on individual pages in a section. But they still wanted the same layout for all the pages. So rather than create separate section definitions for each page, we added the capability to the page to override a particular section navigator.

One picture on page in a section Another on page in same section

When you click on the override section checkbox, the section defaults are already filled in for you. So it's easy to make a minor change specifically for that page, yet retain the power of the section definition control.

Override Section on Page

This new feature will be in version 1.60 coming out soon.

struturo box

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