Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Struturo v1.68 released

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a dynamic block that was not a Formula type or a Category type was not displaying in the content area.


  • Added check for Anonymous or ACL access < author when determining who to show edit link.
  • If you open the db at the .nsf level, it opens the home page (ID=home)
  • Stopped showing duplicate sections in the page section picker if a section definition document had a conflict.
  • Modified the text that passes out for the tabs to change "&" to "&" to make valid HTML.
  • Added ability to pick from multiple files when doing the HTML\Image button inside a page on the Notes client.
  • Made the interface for overriding section navigators in pages more user friendly.
  • Improved the insert HTML\paragraph(s) button on pages. Previously, there was a low limit on the amount of text you could insert as paragraphs.
  • Section picker button on page to account for the case where a section is created while the page is still in edit mode.
  • If links block has "&" in link title, pass through to the link as "&".
  • Default for selected tab in section definition is none.
  • Fixed an issue where a customer had really long ID values causing the admin views of pages to squeeze in and not fit the page.
  • If someone opens the ID view from the web, it opens the "home" page.
  • Upgraded web editor to Tiny MCE v3.1.0.1.


  • Ability to add HTML above content area in pages in a section to the section definition.
  • Capture the case when a block is being saved with the same ID as existing block.
  • New dialog for adding unordered list as HTML to pages.
  • New HTML type "Link to a File" in the pages in Notes client.
  • Added capability to disable web editing for text and html content types.
  • Ability to submit a search and have the results display in a specific section. Allows for multiple search blocks in various sections of the site.
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