Monday, December 22, 2008

Struturo v1.70 released

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the html above the content on the section was showing below the title and subtitle on pages.
  • There was a glitch where a temp document (used for versioning) was not converted to child page and because there was no form associated, the website was giving an error for that page.
  • Fixed a bug where user opens at /ID level which should open the "home" page but was showing no content.
  • Fixed a bug where a block by category had an & in the title and wasn't showing on the output in pages with dynamic blocks.
  • Fixed a bug where if the last tab had a submenu, the output HTML had both class="submenu" and class="last submenu".
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when versioning was enabled. The search results contained previous versioned docs.
  • Fixed a bug where if a page had multiple ID's, and that page was returned in search results, the results had a comma in them.
  • Fixed a problem where the image browser didn't work right on the web editor if the custom base href didn't contain a .nsf.
  • Fixed a bug where if files documents had multiple files, they weren't sorting in the image browser in the web editor.


  • Removed span tags from submenu elements in the tabs. They are extraneous.
  • Set the default for Files, Feedback, and Administration to collapsed.
  • Added the section title to the definition at the top of the form. Helps when you have multiple sections open at the same time to distinguish one from another.
  • In the all by form and the trash admin views, show previous version pages. Helpful when you need to remove the previous versions in bulk.
  • Modified the theme document window title to include the word "Theme:" so it stands out in the tabs.
  • In the section definition, the tab dialog had text about Column 1 instead of tabs to display. Fixed.
  • In the section definition, added a queryclose event to the tab dialog to capture the case where a user doesn't choose any tabs and tries to close the dialog or chooses some tabs but doesn't add them to the list.
  • Submenu picker in the tab definition only shows the main ID for the pages if there are duplicate ID's.
  • When inserting HTML on pages and blocks using the action bar buttons, don't put any leading new lines but put 1 trailing new line.
  • Accounted for "&" in the ID - was causing validation failure in the edit link when logged in. Wherever possible, making the output code XHTML transitional valid.
  • Recomputed the base href formula for custom base href's. Previously, the hostname had to be hardcoded into the base href formula for custom. Now, the path only can be placed into the custom base href field allowing for multiple domains with a custom base. Backward compatible for previous versions if hostname is in the base href, it is retained.
  • The Insert HTML\List(unordered) action bar button on pages and blocks will replace the "* " with null to allow for copying/pasting a list from the web.
  • In sections, added a 'remove all' button to the tab edit dialog.
  • Accounting for & in the title and subtitle of pages.


  • New view files by filename. Especially helpful if you have multiple files per document.
  • New action for pages and blocks to insert a simple table (empty) into the HTML area.
  • Added the tab id for the tab picker in sections to show the ID. This helps in cases where the tab names match (like in a multilingual site).
  • When a new file document is saved, a check is done to make sure none of the attached files are duplicates with other file documents.
  • When saving a page, check for duplicate ID's.
  • Updated the defaults for the web editor to include pastetext and pasteword which are paste from text and paste from Word buttons. Otherwise, pasting from Word inserts a lot of extraneous HTML from the web editor.
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