Thursday, January 22, 2009

Struturo v1.71 Released

Bug Fixes

  • Made a change to account for someone putting pass-thru HTML in the title of a block which was causing a problem with the output HTML for that block.
  • Fixed a bug where base href server hostname set to "Fixed" in the db configuration wasn't updating the HTML to set the base href to a static value. If you entered the site using another hostname, that hostname was what showed up in the base href.
  • Fixed a bug where opening the home page via the ID view was showing the edit link for anonymous users. This is a rare case that only happened when root level redirection was enabled on the internet site document. Looks like it only affected 1 customer.
  • Fixed a bug where Titles & Abstracts dynamic block was showing duplicates for alphabetical sort.


  • Updated the file definition window title to remove the colon which doesn't make sense now that there is no file name. This made more sense when there was only one file per file definition.
  • Added validation to the theme name to make it required to save the theme document.
  • Allow for inserting HTML above the tabs by section.
  • Allow blocks to have up to 20 links in list of links option.


  • Modified the theme document to allow for JS URL's (not just files). e.g. or another CDN (content delivery network).
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