Friday, October 23, 2009

Struturo v1.77 Released


  • Added more inline help to the page definition.
  • Added information to the 'help about this database' document regarding Struturo page architecture.
  • Modified the field on the File form that computes the path to a file attachment to replace "&" with "& amp;" for web validation.
  • Replace space with "%20" and "&" with "& amp;" when inserting images into HTML on blocks and pages.
  • Removed the expand/collapse buttons as irrelevant in the sections view.
  • Changed to a column # lookup for the web footer formula to speed the footer lookup (slightly) for pages.
  • Ability for older versions (pre-v1.0) of Struturo to display their images correctly when they upgrade to a newer version.
  • Allow for 4 css files on a section definition.
  • Modified the view column in the Sections view to show name of the tab + ID. Previously ID only.
  • Removed the part of the paste agent that created a new tab id for any tabs that were pasted. This was causing problems when copying/pasting from other Struturo databases.
  • Added the database title to the top of the Theme document. Helps when copying from one theme in one database to a theme in another database.


  • Ability to view a page in another section if the page URL is /ID/?open§ion;=othersection. The reason for this is to accommodate customer requests to show one page a different way depending on how they came to that page.
  • Ability to copy blocks (both,left or right) from one section to one or multiple others.
  • Added ability to implement a footer formula on a per section basis to override the db configuration footer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing blank category blocks on the site when they had "&" in the category value.
  • When checking for duplicate ID's on pages, resolved an issue where a duplicate ID alert was generated incorrectly for a previous version of the page that was saved.
  • Fixed a bug where if the configuration document had the Hostname type as dynamic and the user chose to create or open a section definition on a local replica, a popup came up asking what server to use.
  • Fixed a bug where and error was returned if a section had not tabs (or only 1 tab) defined.
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