Friday, February 26, 2010

Struturo v1.78 Released


  • Added the ability to choose whether or not to notify about web errors caused by web robots.
  • Added the ability to override the global theme at the section level.
  • Added capability to launch to a different hostname depending on the server when they 'Preview in Web Browser' from within a page. For cases where customer replicates between test server and production.


  • Modified the way the theme document is pass into HTML. Now, if the theme document title doesn't end with .css, one is added automatically. Previously, a theme document was passed out as CSS but without the .css ending. The reason for this is to make the expires header easily added in the internet site document.
  • Default new pages' abstract_date to @date(@created). This is to aid in the cases where someone includes a page in a block sorted by date but after copying/pasting, the date changes from the original creation date to the new pasted date. This will work on new documents. Existing pages will still need their date set manually if they have copied/pasted and didn't have an existing abstract_date value.
  • Trim the registration key of spaces after someone had a space after the key which was causing the registration key to fail.
  • Made the configuration document's theme choice field into standard keyword to accommodate longer theme names.
  • When a page is shown on the web with a missing section, a nice error page displays informing the viewer of the exact problem and how to fix it (namely, which section is missing).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where showing a page on another section was showing breadcrumbs list if the original section was showing breadcrumbs.
  • Fixed a bug where showing a page on another section was showing html above the content if the original section was showing html above content.
  • Fixed a bug where showing a page on another section was showing the footer override from the previous section.
  • Fixed a bug where an existing section that originally had a block that was now deleted was causing an error about CurrentList_Titles in the dialog picker.
  • Fixed a bug where a comma in the title of a block was dividing into two values in the dialog for managing section navigation.
  • Fixed a bug where a new page without a custom base HREF would give an error trying to insert an image file.
  • Fixed a bug where a previous version whose parent document was deleted was still showing on the website if you navigated to that URL.
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