Monday, May 3, 2010

Struturo v1.79 Released


  • Auto generation of sitemap.xml for use in SEO.
  • Added a new field to the theme document to allow someone to choose to incorporate a block into their header div. Allows for custom logins or lookups to other databases to show their results in the header area of a website.


  • Hide any form tags in the header div when a document is being edited or created. This prevents a collision with the Domino generated form tags.
  • New block list by category display type:Dates,Titles (without abstract).
  • Added a field to distinguish from a UI edit/save from an agent running or pasting a page. Helps with the sitemap.xml to keep the actual mod date of a page.
  • Error trap when opening a page and the DB Conguration repid doesn't match the database repid. Previously the user would just get a prompt for servers when this happened.
  • Added class="title" to the h1 tag for 404 error so easier to style like the other pages.
  • Added a trim to the lookup key for a dynamic block in the content area after a customer reported no results but they were passing a trailing space inside the dynablock tag. Also passed a comment to the browser reporting the error doing the lookup.
  • Added capability for secondary databases to correctly compute breadcrumb navigation.
  • Added a block type for dates to show in yyyy-mm-dd format for foreign language sites.
  • Added capability for secondary databases to set the list item to "current" on the left/right columns if the current url matches the link.
  • Add a check in the DB configuration document (if RSS setup) that walks existing pages looking for whether they have the correct value for their link.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a dynamic hostname setting in the DB configuration caused the web edit of a page to display without any style.
  • Modified the Image to show in blocks area by modifying the image picker to account for multiple images in one file document. Previously, choosing a file document for images imported all the image links in that file.
  • Fixed a bug where section security was only acting on pages and not subpages.
  • Fixed a bug where if the last tab was highlighted and had a submenu, the highlight class wasn't being passed.
  • Fixed a bug where if blocks had the same block ID ending (e.g. blk-assembly & de-blk-assembly), there were duplicate titles showing in the pick list for blocks in the section definition.
  • Fixed a bug where a user sorting pages ascending or descending and setting the date created for those pages to the format yyyy/dd/mm was causing an incorrect sort.
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